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A Breakthrough Session is a call you can schedule from our website to speak with Michael. The call is free and is designed to help you reach your goals of becoming a Stage Hypnotist.

SHU can only accept a limited number of students per month. If we decide we are a good fit, then great things are about to happen.

We are looking for determined, coachable people that are ready to dive in. Remember, no experience is necessary. You only need to have a dream and a drive.

The calls are usually about 45 minutes long and are done via Skype, Zoom or a phone. We look forward to connecting!


Mikey has now done over 100 shows and just keeps on going!

“I wouldn’t be sitting here today if it weren’t for Stage Hypnosis University which covers everything you need from A-Z.”

Mike Mandel - Student of Stage Hypnosis University



Mike Mandel is the founder of the prestigious Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and the first Stage Hypnotist Michael C. Anthony ever saw.

“If I had this amazing material many years ago, I wouldn’t have banged my head against a wall for 2 years. Stage Hypnosis University will equipped you to be the best Stage Hypnotist you can be."

Mike Mandel - Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy



Josh has now performed over 150 shows and keeps setting new heights. He did 22 shows in the month of May alone!

“I’m doing huge corporate shows, lock in shows and many others all throughout the year. Michael is thoroughly knowledgeable and he takes you through everything step by step. Thank you Stage Hypnosis University.”

Josh Routh - Student of Stage Hypnosis University



Ralph had 3 shows booked before he even performed the first one!

“Let’s be honest… Stage Hypnosis University changed my life. I enrolled in the program, studied it, applied the principals and had thousands of dollars worth on income before I even performed my first show.”

Ralph Maxwell - Student of Stage Hypnosis University


New Students

These are real students of Stage Hypnosis University, please respect their privacy. No one has been in any way compensated for what they've said/written.