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“A lot of things in my life would not have happened if it weren’t for Stage Hypnosis University.”

Jim was a professional wrestler before he became a student of Stage Hypnosis University.

Jim Fox aka Hypno Jimbo wrestled and wrestled hard. (watch the video to see him in action) He knew that had to come to an end sooner or later. 

“I took too many chairs to the head, it was time for a change.”

But, one night at a club…

Jim saw a hypnotist at a nightclub years earlier and was a total skeptic. There was just no way it was possible. To convince himself he went again the next night to see if the same people were on the stage. It was all new people. Not only did Jim become a believer that night, he decided he wanted to do it himself one day.

When his wrestling career was coming to an end he decided he wanted to stay in front of an audience and jump into Stage Hypnosis. 

Jim took a hypnosis training…

“The type of hypnosis training I took was really just a bunch of people preconditioned to follow a script. And… there wasn’t an on-going mentorship like there is with Stage Hypnosis University. Michael is available whenever I need him.” 

“When I enrolled in Stage Hypnosis University I was hooked. After spending thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of dollars with online courses, schools, hotels, airfares, I wish I would have found Stage Hypnosis University first. It’s incredible! It has changed my view on how to do hypnosis.”

Jim got lazy???

Jim didn’t want to travel. He wanted to stay in one place. He said he was being lazy… but with BIG IDEAS!

He didn’t live too far from Myrtle Beach, SC which is big on tourism and entertainment.

He found a room…

Jim found a 7000 sq. ft. room and transformed it into a theater. He wanted to perform each night for a different audience in the same venue.

The Hypno Jimbo Comedy Hypnosis Show is born…

He marketed the show with radio ads, billboards & TV spots. Tourists started buying tickets and Jim started building his dream. 

The Hypno Jimbo Comedy Hypnosis Show  is now the #1 rated show with Trip Advisor.

“A lot of things in my life would not have happened if it weren’t for Stage Hypnosis University.”

If you have a dream and a drive to make $1,500- $10,000 per show as a Stage Hypnotist, we’d like to offer you a FREE 45 minute call so you can find out exactly how Stage Hypnosis University can change your life like it did for Jim. We only accept a limited number of hard working, motivated students that are ready to work with us to create something great! If that sounds like you, follow the steps below…