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"Since SHU, my life has changed dramatically. I am truly living the dream as a Stage Hypnotist.

Josh was looking for a new way to make money. He's now done over 500 Stage Hypnosis shows!

Josh was looking for something extra. He wanted to earn more money and build a new skillset. He had read a couple books about the therapeutic side of hypnosis but wanted to entertain with it.

He discovered Stage Hypnosis University and had to know more. It seemed like he’d get his investment back very quickly if he took action.

“Hypnosis shows pay so well that if you follow the training and Michael’s advice, there is absolutely no reason you won’t be successful.”

Enrollment obstacle…

Josh knew he wanted to move forward and become a student of Stage Hypnosis University but his wife wasn’t so convinced. It didn’t take long before she also realized the financial freedom they would attain if Josh moved forward.

First Impressions…

“Stage Hypnosis University is so completely filling over the brim with content, I was surprised I didn’t see a video on where to find lost socks. The training and mentorship has ALL the answers, plus several sides of answers to questions you didn’t know you had.” 

Booked his first show…

Josh booked his first show a couple months after he completed the program. It went great! He opened a new door of opportunity!

“My first show was wonderful. I just followed everything I learned and I CRUSHED IT. I have now performed for that original organization 9 times.” 

“Michael is an incredible guide. He has been available for me to connect with any time I need. His integrity and empathy as a human being, his skill as a hypnotist and his wisdom as an entertainer who has been doing this for many years, make him an excellent mentor.”

He kept booking shows…

Josh just kept booking shows. He started with a high school, then corporate shows, then colleges. He has built an incredible new career and keeps topping himself every year. He’s now performed over 500 shows!

“If you are serious about being a stage hypnotist, there is no better course of action you can take than joining Stage Hypnosis University. It’s not just hypnosis training. You also get the mentorship with Michael and access to the Secret Society. The connection to the other stage hypnotists is invaluable.”

“The path Stage Hypnosis University lays out, is so clear. Nothing is left out. Just follow the training, do the work and you will definitely find yourself onstage with a bunch of ‘sleeping’ volunteers all around you, a laughing audience, and a happy client with a big check.”

“Michael C. Anthony and Stage Hypnosis University have given me a career I never thought possible. I had seen other entertainers who were making big money and getting the big gigs. I had always wondered how I could ever do the same. I joined SHU and all was revealed. I have now done hundreds of shows for very satisfied clients and audiences. My wife is very happy. because I am happy and… because we are financially sound. SHU has upgraded my life in so many ways. I am forever grateful to Michael for sharing so much!”

If you have a dream and a drive to make $1,500- $10,000 per show as a Stage Hypnotist, we’d like to offer you a FREE 45 minute call so you can find out exactly how Stage Hypnosis University can change your life like it did for Josh Routh. We only accept a limited number of hard working, motivated students that are ready to work with us to create something great! If that sounds like you, follow the steps below…