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"I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my training with Stage Hypnosis University."

Mikey Angel didn't know a thing about hypnosis but had a dream to entertain people on a cruise ship.

Mikey was in a slump. He was in a corporate job he didn’t like and he was getting the feeling that time was passing him by. He was barely paying the bills. He had a wife and four young kids to take care of.

He wanted to do something he was passionate about and make REAL money?

Something had to change…

Even though he wasn’t an entertainer, he had a dream to perform on a cruise ship. He had the desire to be on stage. He thought it sounded like an amazing idea but was it a crazy idea?

He saw a Stage Hypnotist many years earlier and thought it was amazing. It always played on his mind. 

Then… Fate?

Mikey was in New York and saw another Stage Hypnosis show. It was Michael C. Anthony performing that night. Hey loved it! All the old feelings started coming back. He wanted to do the exact same thing. But how?

This time he knew he had to act.

Mikey found Stage Hypnosis University and spoke with Michael on the phone shortly after. He enrolled as a student. He worked hard… he was determined to change his life. He mentored with Michael on a regular basis and they built a masterpiece of a show for Mikey. Then…


Show number one got booked, then the second… then the third. All in quick succession. Everything was falling into place. First it was a high school, the a college, then another high school, then… A CRUISE SHIP! Mikey’s dream.

“I poured myself into Stage Hypnosis University. I followed Michael’s advise and I got an agent.”

“The shows just kept coming, I couldn’t believe it was happening!  But, I was prepared.”

“I’ve done shows in 22 states, including cruises to Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean.”

Mikey Angel keeps on hitting new milestones. He works for Fortune 500 companies and one company wanted him so bad for a return engagement that they sent their private jet to him so he could arrive in time. Today, Mikey’s rate for a Corporate show is $7500. He’s done one organization 12 times.

“I didn’t know anything about hypnosis or running a hypnosis business but I knew I needed the right tools and the right mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my training with Stage Hypnosis University.” 

If you have a dream and a drive to make $1,500- $10,000 per show as a Stage Hypnotist, we’d like to offer you a FREE 45 minute call so you can find out exactly how Stage Hypnosis University can change your life like it did for Mikey Angel. We only accept a limited number of hard working, motivated students that are ready to work with us to create something great! If that sounds like you, follow the steps below…