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"Michael's mentorship is incredible. It makes Stage Hypnosis University so valuable."

Before Stage Hypnosis University Xavier was entertaining as a magician but he was looking for something bigger and better for his life.

He loves magic but…

“Magic is fun to perform, but Stage Hypnosis is like REAL magic and I don’t have to carry props with me.”

Xavier had read some books and watched videos online but nothing gave him what he really needed to take a show to the stage.

Pure chance!

Stage Hypnosis came along by pure chance. He was searching for Stage Hypnosis online and the first thing that popped up was Stage Hypnosis University. He watched a promotional video and scheduled a call with Michael straight away.

“After noticing the confidence that Michael had in Stage Hypnosis University, I was convinced that I was in the hands of an expert. Michael didn’t try to sell the training to me, I sold it to myself.”

“It was an easy decision. I knew that it was something valuable and I even borrowed the money to enroll because I knew that it was going to change my life.”

First Impressions…

Xaviers first impression was amazement! Both in the professional layout of the training and the amount of content. 

“Everything I could have needed and more was now at my finger tips. I started watching videos instantly and couldn’t stop. I was addicted.”


How did Xavier practice? He didn’t bother going out and trying to hypnotize people to practice the routines. He just practiced everything in his head and recorded himself performing his show and listened to himself over and over again. When he got a new idea he wrote it down and added it to his script. Then he re-recorded everything and started the process again. 

“I would practice my script while walking, driving, running, and in bed. I knew what I was saying was good because I watched the videos and mentored with Michael.”

He started booking shows…

About a month and a half after enrolling in SHU, Xavier decided to book a theater himself. He put down a deposit down on a theater and tickets went up for sale. Michael coached him every step of the way.

“Over 200 tickets were sold and the show was an absolute success. incredible. The responses I got were incredible. My confidence level went through the sky! The audience had no idea I had never done a hypnosis show before” 

Xavier booked 3 more shows before the first show played.

What does the future hold?

Xavier can see his future clearly. He is opening new markets. He has also performed in a casino and a fundraiser. He is completely confident that he can make this system work anywhere in the world. He will be performing on cruise ships in the near future as well.

“Michael’s mentorship is incredible. It makes Stage Hypnosis University so valuable. “Any doubts, fears, concerns or questions that I have are instantly solved just by having a conversation with Michael and the fact that he’s so ready to take the call and stay in touch made me feel like I had support every step of the way. Every successful person has an amazing mentor and I have a feeling that’s why my success happened so quickly.”

“If you’re joining Stage Hypnosis University, you’ve come to absolutely the right place to change your entire life. My confidence levels are up my goals are larger than they’ve ever been and I have a show that I’m really proud of performing. Watch the videos in order, follow Michael’s instruction make the most out of your mentorship and you can have anything you want and more out of this program, in record time.”

If you have a dream and a drive to make $1,500- $10,000 per show as a Stage Hypnotist, we’d like to offer you a FREE 45 minute call so you can find out exactly how Stage Hypnosis University can change your life like it did for Xavier Crow. We only accept a limited number of hard working, motivated students that are ready to work with us to create something great! If that sounds like you, follow the steps below…