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The idea of hypnosis has been a part of popular culture for decades. How many films and TV shows have ever used the idea of someone being hypnotized to do something they shouldn’t? It seems supernatural, almost like real life magic. It’s an idea which walks the line between science and super-powers. Everyone wants to see it in action, and everyone wants to know how it works.
Hypnosis is alive and well in the modern age, and it’s one of those subjects which grabs a person by the neck and demands their attention.
When there’s a stage hypnosis show going on, whether it’s in a small club or a large theatre, you can be sure that people show up and their eyes don’t leave the stage for a second. It’s mesmerizing. Did you know that term comes from Franz Mesmer? He’s the forefather of hypnosis.
But why is it so fascinating?
I believe it’s because hypnosis has an aura of mystery about it. It’s something taboo, something rare, people don’t really understand it, something that people don’t see every day. It’s a baffling idea that a person can make someone instantly sleep on command, dance like a lunatic or believe they have x-ray vision, but that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s there right in front of their eyes and they can’t deny it.
Is it braining washing? The occult? Mind control?
Stage hypnosis is like the ultimate magic trick. A lot of magic tricks have their basis in psychological principles, which is the same with stage hypnosis, we just use psychology on a much deeper level. I love magic tricks, especially sleight of hand and mentalism. Magic tricks connect with us because they’re small mysteries; how did the magician know my card? How did the deck disappear? How did he pull that elephant out of his pocket? You get the picture.
With hypnosis, we are directly changing a person’s thoughts and behavior. It can’t just be a simple trick or a lucky guess or a duplicated card. The mystery is happening right in front of our eyes and we can’t deny it. And it’s on such a massive scale!
Most understand that stage hypnosis (and hypnosis in general) deals with the unconscious mind, and this is another reason why the masses find it so interesting. We go most of our lives believing that the unconscious is something that we could never access – it’s something that could change everything about ourselves if we knew how, but it’s just out of our reach. So when see a stage hypnotist immediately gain access to a volunteer’s unconscious mind, it piques our fascination because we can’t believe we’re able to watch something to intense.
You probably realize that we’re living in the information age. Nothing is a mystery anymore because we have a world of answers at our fingertips. Hypnosis is such a complex idea that it’s not easy to just Google how it works and have a full understanding.
Of course Stage Hypnosis University takes it to the next level and gives over 40 hours of complete training. Becoming a Stage Hypnotist Hypnosis requires some thought and dedication and can’t simply be figured out in a YouTube video.
Mystery is what keeps life interesting, and the idea of stage hypnosis remains a mystery in the eyes of the majority of the world. That’s why when you or I tell people we are a stage hypnotist, they are fascinated and want to talk our ears off. Some can’t look you in the eye, like SHU student Darrell Parker mentioned in his blog. When we met, he wasn’t sure if he could look me in the eye in case I read his mind. HA
We could even argue that hypnosis has become popular because of the amount of information out there now. Some of it is good. Much of it is bad and more it  is downright ridiculous. There is a ton of it so it gets completely watered down.
The amount of YouTubers posting inductions with volunteers that are so obviously “just going along with it” is ridiculous.
Hypnosis is more popular than it’s ever been. It’s got its skeptics and it’s believers, it’s got its controversies and myths, yet still, we love it! Hypnosis is more popular than it’s ever been, so let’s do everything we can to keep it that way.