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Hypnosis is an amazing business. That’s why I’ve been in it for over 20 years. The advantages of becoming stage hypnotist are great and I’m about to give you my top 10 reasons why I love it.
I hope they relate to you. Actually, I shouldn’t say that… because I know the majority will relate to you.

If you are a member of Stage Hypnosis University or considering joining us to learn stage hypnosis, you may want to understand just how great and easy it is to become a stage hypnotist.

Let’s go!



YES, MONEY. Should I have been polite and saved that for last? Nope. Let’s be honest, the only reason any of us work is for money, Sure, some enjoy their work and are motivated by it, but at the end of the day, we all do it for money.
Performing as a stage hypnotist will pay you between $1500-$10,000 per show. $1500 is very low and $10,000 is definitely not a ceiling. I’ve made considerably more for an hour of my time. As I write this, I am in a hotel in Las Vegas. I performed a corporate show last night. I was paid $12,500 plus an extra $1,500 for travel.

Not bad for an hour. And I made a mini holiday out of it. I went to go see David Copperfield and Mat Franco which were both great. Is this work? Hardly.

So yes, you can earn amazing money as a stage hypnotist.And the beauty is you can perform part time or full time.

Let’s keep going.



Think about this… if you want to become an accountant, how much schooling do you need? What about a doctor, lawyer, a nurse, an architect, an electrician or a pilot?

You’d need to go to school for 4-8 years just to be qualified to gain entry to these occupations.

As a stage hypnotist, you don’t need this kind of schooling. You can learn the art of stage hypnosis quickly. You can be on the stage in under 6 months. So yes, big money and easy to get into.




Let me tell you something. I’ve been my own boss and I’ve worked for a boss. You don’t need to ask me which one I prefer. I prefer being my own boss by leaps and bounds. I worked in a factory and I owned a cookie store before I became a stage hypnotist. The benefits of being self-employed are huge. And… you get to avoid the tax man more than if you work for someone else.



Before I became a stage hypnotist I had seen one province in Canada and about 6 states in the US. That’s it.

Now, I’ve performed in many countries, across Canada and in 49 of the 50 states. Come on Alaska!

Recently I performed a two week run with The Illusionists in Mexico. It was at a 5-star resort and I had to do one show per night. Aside from that, the day was mine. There were amazing sights, food and relaxation. It was a wonderful thing. And… the client paid for all of it.



Think about this… If you want to become skilled at any art such as playing guitar, piano, juggling, magic, painting, ventriloquism… ANY ART. How long does is take to be great at it? It takes many, many years. And what are your chances of being paid great money to do any of them? It’s not so easy.

Learning to become a stage hypnotist is easy compared to any of them. When you complete the Stage Hypnosis University program and get on the stage, the money starts coming in right away.



I don’t know what you do for a living but when I tell people I’m a stage hypnotist people become interested. There’s a prestige to it. People are filled with interest and have questions.

If I told them I was an electrician, there’s no interest. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an electrician but when others hear you mention stage hypnosis, they want to know more.


7. Yes, short work days. A stage hypnotist usually works 60-90 minutes per day. (that’s if you do one show in an evening. I’ve done as many as four.)

Of course, you may be traveling and preparing for your show mentally but in reality, you only have to be “on” for 60-90 minutes.

I personally feel like I’ve been semi-retired for over 20 years. YAY for Stage Hypnosis.



This is huge. A stage hypnotist gets to travel light. I have many friends in the entertainment business. Magicians, jugglers, musicians etc.

They are always jealous when they see how light I get to travel and I almost always make more money for a show.I travel with clothes, a laptop, a flash drive, playing cards and product to sell. (product packs super light too)

Other types or performers need to ship road cases around the country or the world. No thanks!



Stage hypnosis wins again. There is very little set up and the client will have that ready before you arrive. Tear down? Nope, you won’t have that either. Why? because you don’t have large equipment or props. Your volunteers are your props and they take care of themselves.



Wait, didn’t I say money in reason #1? Yes, I did, and I want to bookend this article with money. The money is fantastic and the workload is light.It’s beautiful thing.

And those are my top 10 reasons I love the business of stage hypnosis.

If you are interested in jumping on the stage hypnosis train, visit us at www.stagehypnosisuniversity.com

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