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Hypnosis has been shrouded in mystery and contradiction ever since Franz Anton Mesmer discovered a very raw version of hypnosis (He called it animal magnetism) back in the late 1700’s.

Yes, we get the term “mesmerized” from good olle Franz.

So today I thought we’d go over some of these misconceptions so you can continue your reign as the smartest person in the room.


No… no you can’t. I guess getting stuck would mean you’ve been rendered useless by the power of the hypnotic trance and won’t be able to call your mother on Mother’s Day, Wrong. People who believe this watch too many old movies.

Hypnosis is a state in which the subject and enter and exit anytime they wish. In fact, as a hypnotist, you aren’t putting them in a state of hypnosis. They are doing it to themselves with your guidance. All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

No, it’s not mind control and it’s not brainwashing. You’ve seen a movie, right? Of course you have. Have you ever seen a movie that’s intense or scary and you feel emotionally involved and actually feel frightened or tense. Sure. Are those movie producers controlling your mind? No.

You went to the theater with the knowledge that you were going to be told a story and it could be so action packed that you are fearful, worried, anxious or even hysterical with laughter. Is this mind control? No. Neither is hypnosis.

When a subject is hypnotized they will not do anything outside their personal code of ethics.

I’ve had volunteers on my stage that won’t partake in a dance contest because they don’t dance.

If the volunteer is uncomfortable with something, they will simply enter a very conscious state and not participate.

Myth Busted.

3. I’ve never been hypnotized.

Wrong. If you are breathing, you’ve been hypnotized. Its a natural part of life. Have you ever daydreamed? BOOM. Have you ever been driving down the road and thought, “I don’t remember one thing about the last ten minutes. BOOM Have you ever been totally absorbed in a book or a video game that you were unresponsive to your surroundings? BOOM

Remember, hypnosis is when our critical conscious mind takes a vacation and we begin to process information through the super powerful and creative unconscious.

4. Hypnosis is sleep
No it’s not. Does hypnosis look like sleep. Sure. Your volunteers on the stage may be slouched over with their eyes closed or laying on the floor but, they are very much awake and processing the information they receive at an unconscious level.

We talk about all of this within Stage Hypnosis University. We simplify it so it all makes sense and work hard to get you on the stage as fast as you want to get there.

Not tomorrow of course, but fast.

5. Hypnosis only works on the weak minded.
Once again… No! In fact the opposite is true. If you are intelligent enough to read these words then, Yes Virginia, you can be hypnotized.

Hypnosis doesn’t work as easily as someone that is someone that may be unable to concentrate or someone that doesn’t understand the language or someone that is intoxicated.

For a volunteer to be hypnotized on your stage, they need to be willing and ready to experience hypnosis.

If they purposely fight it, then no, they won’t go into a hypnotic state. You can’t force them into hypnosis (See #2 above)

The vast majority of the volunteers on your stage will be perfectly willing subjects because you’ve given a great lecture, you’ve developed great rapport and they are ready to be guided into hypnosis by you.

6. Hypnosis is Satanic
(Play scary music here) No, hypnosis is not satanic. Let me ask you. Why do people blame Satan for things they don’t understand? How about a little more research and a little less sounding like a loon?

Hypnosis has nothing to do with Satan or any religion. Speaking of religion… Did you know it’s a Scientologist’s religion to get hypnotized?

Hypnosis is simply a state of mind in which we process at an unconscious level and are able to make changes on the inside or temporarily believe suggestions to be true.

Get thee behind me Satan as you have nothing to do with hypnosis.

7. Hypnotized people will forget everything.

Will they or won’t they? As the hypnotist, you can deliver amnesia or not.

But, within the scope of the question… many people think that if the volunteers remember what happened on the stage then they couldn’t have truly been hypnotized.

This is not the case.

Volunteers usually remember everything after the show. Sometimes they forget pieces or can even forget it all if you, the stage hypnotist suggests such an idea.

Hypnosis doesn’t run parallel with amnesia.

Your volunteers minds will decide how much or how little of the experience they will remember… or forget.