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You read that title right. I know it’s bad grammar, but, I’m not interested in using the Queens English here. I’m here to tell you how not to suck as a Stage Hypnotist. Ready? Let’s go!

I’ve been a touring Stage Hypnotist for over 20 years. I’ve made a disgusting amount of money in that time living a pretty easy life. Sure, I travel and I tour but I’d rather do that than a lot of things people do to make money. In fact if you read my Top 10 Reasons I Love the Business of Stage Hypnosis blog, you can find out more about why I love it.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of how not to suck. If you want to know how not to suck, the best thing to know is why most hypnotists suck. So our new title is, Why Most Stage Hypnotists Suck.

Let’s begin. OK, lets give 5 reasons as to why they suck.


What do you mean they can’t relate? OK, lets say you do some shows at High Schools. I know you aren’t a High School student and aren’t a Justin Bieber fan, I get it. But in order to build rapport, you need to be likable and you need to be relatable.

Let’s put this into perspective. If you are on stage do these students (or any audience for that matter) like you? Can they respect you as an entertainer. Do you look like somebody the can admire? You don’t want to dress like the students, thats for sure. But do you come off as a cool guy/girl no matter what your age?

Do you laugh with them during your show or is it just your job? Remember, nobody else is at work, don’t give of clues that you are.


Thats right, most stage hypnotists aren’t funny. Sure, the volunteers may get laughs but a Stage Hypnotist should be like a comedian that happens to hypnotize people. Work on your “funny” It’s not hard to do. Make sure you’re work is fascinating.

The beauty is this, the audience isn’t expecting you to be funny because you aren’t a comedian. So when you are funny… even mildly funny, it comes across as very funny. So don’t be afraid to get the jokes rolling. And please, don’t steal jokes from a Comedy Central Special, or a rerun of The Office, that’s not good. Be original. Which brings us to number 3.



Most Stage Hypnotists think it’s perfectly OK to steal a bit from this show, a bit from this show and a bit from this show and call it their own. Some think that just changing a few words of somebody else’s routines will make it their own. No, its never OK and, a second hand routine is never as good as the original, so do something unique.

I’ve been robbed by many ankle biters. I’ve had my entire bio stolen and placed on a website. The hypnotist denied it and then I showed him a screen capture than my html code was directly pasted into his site. His website actually said Michael C. Anthony on the browser header and he hadn’t noticed. BUSTED!

One guy stole a routine of mine and does it for 10 minutes of his demo reel. He does it terribly and draws it out so long it gets boring. Why does it lose touch? Because it’s not original AND he’s not funny. (see #2 above)


As Stage Hypnotist we give our volunteers suggestions that funny/crazy things will happen in the future. Most hypnotists have no idea how to give a suggestion in a way that adds anticipation and expectation.

When you give a suggestion make the suggestion itself, funny. Make the audience think its going to be hilarious and don’t trigger it for a while. Let the audience forget about it and when you do trigger the suggestion, BOOM! They had almost forgotten and now its a surprise.

Too many Stage Hypnotists just throw their material away. They waste it because it’s not delivered well.


So many Stage Hypnotists talk way too fast when they are in the midst of a routine. Fast isn’t bad, but manically fast is. I’ve seen it a hundred times. The reason they are pushing so hard is because they are nervous and feel that they are adding energy. No, they’re adding insanity and coming off like a nut bar. Be cool. Sometimes you are fast, sometimes you slow down. Your show should be melodic, not like hurricane.

It’s OK to speak with energy but take it down a couple notches HypnoMan because you are annoying.

When I created Stage Hypnosis University, my goal was to create Stage Hypnotists that not only know the necessary theory behind hypnosis, (most have no clue) but to teach students HOW TO BE GREAT as a Stage Hypnotist.

One of my students says Stage Hypnosis University Changed My Life. You can read his blog here.

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