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As the founder of Stage Hypnosis University, I am asked by my students often… How do I start? Well, that answer is simple. Study the program, communicate on the message boards and build your show.

Sometimes that answer isn’t enough because we could have a show in our heads but nowhere to perform it, right?

The answer, my good people, is to put your focus on the high school market. You know, those 9-12 graders that are ANXIOUS to be hypnotized.

I have always told my students that High Schools are the way to get started and I’m about to tell you why. Let’s go!


That’s right. The market is huge. Do you know how many High Schools are in the United States alone? Are you sitting down? There are over 22,000 High Schools in the country. And the numbers are equal on a per capita basis in most parts of the world. They are everywhere!
Just to put that into perspective. Do you know how many McDonalds there are in the United States? Drum roll please…
The answer is just over 14,000.
There are more High Schools in the US than there are McDonalds. Thats is a huge market place for a Stage Hypnotist that is looking for somewhere to perform.
The numbers are similar in most populated areas around the world. Are there always more McDoanlds than High Schools? Not always… that’s because the US is crazy for Big Macs.
Regardless, we know that the High School Market is HUGE!


If you are getting started as a Stage Hypnotist, then you will be happy to learn that you won’t have to worry about getting volunteers on your stage.
Unless you are a tyrant and your audience turns on you, then you will get more volunteers than you’ll ever need.
In fact, if the students see you before you go on stage they will ask you, can I volunteer? PLEEEEAAAASE???
If you have a nice opener (there’s an entire chapter called “Your Opener” in Stage Hypnosis University) and if you do a reasonable job at devising rapport with the students, then they will happily join you on stage. If fact, they will run onto the stage, full of energy.


High School students are at the age where they want to experience life and everything it has to offer. They have likely heard about hypnosis on the internet or their friends have seen a hypnosis show, so they are ready. They are prepped and super excited.
They are also at the age where they like to be the center of attention. As a Stage Hypnotist, your goal is to gain their respect as an entertainer and hypnotist and then hypnosis will work on its own… of course we need to know how to hypnotize.
Be sure they aren’t sitting right beside their best friends as that can be distracting and also look for those that want to fake it. You’ll have a few. Remember, they want attention but if someone is faking it, get them off your stage because that doesn’t look good on you. Your credibility is at stake.


For the most part, High Schools have theaters. Not 100% of the time, but quite often. If your hypnosis show isn’t in a theater, it will likely be in the gym. Sometimes there is a stage at one end of the gym and sometimes, they’ll pull of the bleachers and your show will be on the floor in the center of the gym.
Your High School Hypnosis Shows will never be low in attendance either which is wonderful. If you do hypnosis at a college you can have anywhere from 30-3000, it’s hard to say. Small hypnosis shows aren’t anyones favorite. You won’t have to worry about this with high school shows  because they are usually for the entire school or the graduation class which is almost always a few hundred.


High Schools love to book a stage hypnotists, why? Because it’s a form of entertainment that is tough to beat. Sure they’d rather have a concert from a huge celebrity but they can’t afford that. Even still, a great hypnosis show gets reaction like nothing else and it will be remembered for a long, long time.

When do High Schools book Hypnosis Shows? They book them during the school year for special events and hypnosis fundraisers but they LOVE to book them for Grad Nights or Lock Ins.
What are Grand Nights and Lock ins? They are big parties to celebrate the senior class graduation. They often start after midnight and go until breakfast. Many of them actually lock the students in (hense the term lock in) to be sure nobody goes out and gets n trouble. Sounds like kidnapping though. Ha

These lock ins are a huge opportunity for a stage hypnotist. I have students that are killing it in the High School Market. Take Josh Routh for example. I interview him in the Talking with the Experts Chapter of Stage Hypnosis University. He tells us how he went from 0-22 shows in the month of May in just a few short years by using the techniques taught in Stage Hypnosis University.

Way to go Josh! Josh says Stage Hypnosis University changes his life. He wrote a blog for us here if you want more info about Josh.

You can do it too and I’ll show you how.

If you haven’t signed up as a Stage Hypnosis University Insider, do it now and you too can start an amazing new career, full time or part time as a Stage Hypnotist.

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  • Adam says:

    Really great stuff! You mentioned graduations, lock-ins and fundraisers. Graduation is obviously in May/June time frame, but are there other times of year that the high school market picks up?