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I remember when I saw my first stage hypnosis show. At the time I owned a cookie store and was losing my shirt financially. I was unhappy with where I was headed and had my antennas up for a new plan.

A little history first. My great uncle Joe LaMonica was a stage hypnotist. He was also a magician, a professional pick pocket and one of the forefathers of balloon artistry.

But, I had never seen him perform stage hypnosis. He did magic for my brother and we loved it but I had never seen the stage hypnosis. Part if me wondered if he was a devil worshiper because I knew nothing about hypnosis.

Fast forward to my twenties.

While at my failing cookie store, one day a friend told me that a hypnotist was performing a show at a local nightclub. His name was Mike Mandel. He now runs the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy where he teaches therapeutic hypnosis and hypnosis theory to people around the world. He’s a genius and has been has been my closest friend for over 20 years.

His show blew my mind. I was couldn’t believe it and that day, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I had no idea how I was going to do it but I dreamt about it every day. All I knew was that I wanted to be a Stage Hpnotist. I obsessed. There was very little information on stage hypnosis available. There was no internet. I had one small book that I had bought at a magic shop a couple years earlier that I had barely read. It was of no use anyway.

How do I do this? Where do I go? The answer was nowhere. This is why I created Stage Hypnosis University over 20 years later.

Stage Hypnosis University has over 250 Training Video and over 40 hours of content and is considered the best Stage Hypnosis training in the world. It’s all available online and will stream right to your device. I stay in touch with my students there and have created some amazing success stories.

[su_quote cite=”Mikey Angel – SHU Student”]I have already performed over 75 shows in High Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events and Cruise Ships. I give all the credit to Stage Hypnosis University.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Ralph Maxwell – SHU Student”]I had 3 shows booked before I even performed the first one. Stage Hypnosis University changed my life.[/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Josh Routh – SHU Student”]I keep booking more shows than the previous year. (over 200 now) Stage Hypnosis University is the blueprint for creating a new career.[/su_quote]

You can read a blog that Josh wrote for our site called, How Stage Hypnosis University Changed My Life.

I wanted this so bad I could taste it. I travelled far and wide to see any show I could. I saw good hypnotists, bad hypnotists and some terrible hypnotists. I didn’t want to be bad or terrible, I wanted to be great.

I studied them all thoroughly and created a giant matrix on paper as to who said what and when. Why was it in this particular order? Why was this hypnotist good and this hypnotist bad?

It was a horrible and complex project and at one point I gave up… for over a year and a half.

I stayed miserable in my cookie store and dreamt of something better.

But sometimes you have to reach bottom so the only way you can look is up.

So I thought back to the Stage Hypnosis and something clicked. All the fire and passion that I had a couple years ago came back and I was on fire and not accepting “no” for an answer.

I don’t know now what is was that drove me, but somehow, I made it to the stage.

If you want to hear my ENTIRE story of how this happened, go to Stage Hypnosis University and click on one of the free videos called My Story. I explain all the details there. It’s much too long for this blog.

I persevered and pushed until I made it happen and I had no tools or instruction. I beat remarkable odds.

But now Stage Hypnosis University spells out every detail and we discuss every market. Not just the theory but the details as to how to create a business as a Stage Hypnotist. The beauty is you can start part time and stay that way, or go full time.

You’ll make more money in one show than your average Joe makes in a month. No disrespect if your name is Joe. Ha It’s an amazing career where you can stay local or you can travel the world.

If you have an interest like I did over 20 years ago and want to get on the fast track, check us out at www.stagehypnosisuniversity.com I’ll get you on the fast track. Join me and others on the message boards and learn what it really takes to get on that stage and start making money doing something you love.

If you aren’t interested, that’s ok too but if thats the case, I’m really surprised you made it this far on the blog. HA

Hope you can join us!

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  • Michael Solinski says:

    Very inspiring…I’m using those comments as motivation in my progress!

  • Darrell Parker says:

    Michael, your story is very inspiring. You have done an excellent job with SHU, and your conversational approach to teaching really clicks with my learning style. Thank you for putting all these resources in one place.

  • mark pettigrew says:

    I just love the quality of the video and structure. It really does help being as your so likeable in them too and your members support is really swift and clear.

  • Travis Wichman says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience Michael! I’m really excited by the detail of the videos and its clear that you are handing out the real goods and being very generous about it!