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The key to successful hypnosis? Getting people in agreement with you!


We all know that Milton Erickson was one of the most successful hypnotherapists of all time. Continuing with the Milton model, we have analyzed why Milton received the success with clients that nobody else could. Put simply, Milton got his clients to say yes.


There is a fancy technique used in hypnosis called “yes sets.” Using a yes set is a covert tactic to get people to say yes.


Let’s take a look at yes sets.


What are they? Yes sets are a way to get people to say yes to you. It’s very strategic, and it makes people feel like they are required to say yes, regardless of what you ask. So, how do you do it?


You’ll begin by giving your subjects/volunteers/audience small clusters of information. Ask them simple, obvious questions to which they will say yes. By asking a set of easy questions at the beginning, you make it far easier for them to answer “yes” to more difficult questions further down the road. They will feel already committed to complying. For them, answering “yes” becomes a safe space.


Still not sure about how to do it? Let’s take a look at this example:


Suppose you are a car salesperson. Like any salesperson, your goal is to make the customer get to the word yes. You want them to buy your stuff! Begin your conversation with them by asking questions where the answer is an obvious yes. It’s sneaky, and it’s effective.


For example, you may ask, “Are you looking to get a great product today?” “Do you want to get the best deal possible?” “Don’t you love the feeling of a nice, new car?”


This eliminates the ability for them to be stand-offish. It invites them to feel comfortable with you.


So how do yes sets apply to stage hypnosis?


Well, consider a situation where you are on stage. Your audience may feel nervous, and they may not know what to expect. Yes sets get viewers and volunteers comfortable.


Yes sets also give you credibility. If you can make an entire group/audience commit to you and all say yes in harmony, then you have audience management skills and this is skill very few people have.