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There is a joke among hypnotists that goes like this.

How many hypnotists does it takes to screw in a light bulb?

The answer?

It takes one hundred. .One to actually change the bulb, and 99 to talk about how Milton Erickson would have accomplished the task. Milton Erickson is generally considered the forefather of modern hypnosis and below are 7 reasons why he is admired by all types of hypnotists. Like I’ve said before… “If you don’t know Erickson… you ain’t nothin’” Yes, I realize the bad grammar, but I stand by the statement.

So, why do we love Milton?


His Skill as a Hypnotherapist

Erickson transformed the field of hypnosis from one of superstition to one of powerful tools for change. He had a huge influence of strategic therapy, child psychology, sports physchology and much more.


The “Ericksonian Handshake”

Stage hypnotist love the Ericksonian Handshake. There’s an entire lesson on this handshake in Stage Hypnosis University. The pure theatrics of it creates human shock and awe. Imagine shaking the hand of an otherwise wide-awake volunteer and BOOM, lights out.

This handshake causes subjects to enter a deep trance almost instantaneously. This kind of thing was totally unheard of at this time.


Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Milton was famous for creating amazing hypnotic language patterns that we all use. If you aren’t using patterns from the Milton Model, you should be. We cover a lot of them in Stage Hypnosis University. Richard Bandler and John Grinder wrote great books about Erickson’s Language patterns also. Study this stuff and your stage hypnosis skills will go through the roof!


His Solution-Focused Therapy Development

Back in Erickson’s day, most therapy was focused on the past. Therapists assumed in order to fix the future, we had to deal with the past. Many therapist still do this today. Erickson redefined therapy as a tool for finding solutions to problems. Instead of just analyzing the past, he helped people develop the needed skills necessary to move forward.